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School Travel Awards 2017

School Travel Awards at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington 9th November 2017

Ticket Zone recently represented Feld Entertainment who sponsored an award at the School Travel Awards. Some of our staff attended the ceremony and presented the award - this is their account of the event.

Wow, what can I say!

After spending a few hours travelling up to London, we arrived at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington for the School Travel Awards. We headed down to where the drinks reception was being held, to find people walking in amongst the guests dressed as zombies, a guillotine in the room, plus the gallows to place your company MD in, All provided by The London Dungeon experience.

When it was time to take our seats for lunch, we entered the Palace Suite - all the bottles of water were adorned with fabulous Disney On Ice-fit to dance bottle hangers.

Before lunch was served, we were wowed by the cast of 'School of Rock', who performed a couple of numbers from their fantastic west end stage show. The food Where do I start? The starter was a beautiful tasting goats cheese tart served on beetroot. I could have happily eaten seconds, but made sure to leave room for the next course and thankfully, again, we were not disappointed – grilled chicken with sauteed potatoes and vegetables. Lovely! The dessert on the other hand, although nice, was something that wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste - a chocolate cheesecake with chilli and cherries. Our company MD was very unsure about this, especially after getting a big hit of chilli! The Awards Ceremony Once our tummies were filled and we had been supplied with coffee, it was time to begin what we had all came here for – The Awards.

The lovely Fiona Bruce was the host and was joined on stage by Graham Yandell from Yandell Media. They reminisced over their own school trip experiences from years before and how they have changed over the years for the different generations.

Ticket Zone had sponsored the 'Best Venue for Maths Learning' award and I had been chosen to present this. Thankfully, I was able to watch many others do this beforehand, so I knew what I had to do!

When the time came to stand up in front of about 200 guests, I must say I was a tad nervous! I headed to the stage (thankfully without tripping!), took the envelope from Graham then walked over to Fiona to announce the winner – Bletchley Park.

Once the winner joined us on stage we had our photographs taken. A few more awards were presented after this, then the ceremony came to a close. I believe the day itself was a success and it was lovely to meet people in person - although I work closely with them, some of them I had never met. (From left to right: Charles Cornell, Louise Scott, Rixt Hiemstra, Phil Bird, Ian Taylor, Tor Skelton, Domingo Tjornelund & Cheryl Pullen)

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