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Box Office Services

Delivering powerful box office ticketing solutions for local, regional and national events, tours and promoters...

We support the following sytems:

Advanced Ticketing, Tessitura, AudienceView, Glitnir, Ingresso



Ticket Zones UK based contact centre is PCI Compliant providing the client personalised inbound telephone services either on a fully outsourced basis or providing support during large event peaks. The goal is to lower call waiting times during new ticket releases, cup runs and championships. Ticket Zone provides outbound telesales for Clients looking to upsell, cross sell or undertake consumer research. 

Ticket Fulfillment & Dispatch

Ticket Zone offers ticket fulfilment alongside ticket sales representing a reduction in operating costs for both the promoter and venue. Ticket Zone can store, pick, pack, post, restock, print tickets and thermal mailers as well as combine wrist bands, car parking, marketing collateral and merchandise with each package.

Agents Trade


Ticket Zone acts as a Agents ticket trading desk on behalf of promoters to capitalise on audience reach, greater event visibility and deliver volume based ticket sales. Ticket Zone can manage all aspects of an Agent, Sub-Agent and Affiliate Network sales from allocations through to invoice, payments and reconciliation..

Services Group



Ticket Zone maintains the human touch to customer services including social media for clients especially when we live in an era of web sales being the buying preference. Ticket Zone act as the guardian of the consumer experience when helping the promoters customers during an event or tour.

Research &


Internet, mobile and social media innovations have changed the way tickets are purchased and sold. In an time of customer autonomy, self-service and automation Ticket Zone helps to complete the picture for the client by consistently delivering innovative solutions.



Ticket Zone supports clients using Advanced Systems TALENT and TicketingWeb, Tessitura, AudienceView, Glitnir and Ingresso as well as providing the Ticket Zone SaaS White Label for retailers, online media owners and the API for developers and webmasters.

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